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Looking back on London's best and worst
LONDON-The 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony finally ended a jordan for sale few hours ago, and the fireworks still are ringing in my ears. Or maybe it's the weeping BBC announcers.
If you thought it was tough watching NBC the past adidas originals jeremy scott two weeks, you should have been in Great Britain. The BBC blokes made Ryan Seacrest look like Jim McKay.
They were such homers jeremy scott shoes jordan 11 bred I had to actually go to the venues to find out how anyone besides Usain Bolt and Team GB was doing. I was lucky enough to witness some great stuff. Most of you experienced the Olympics through NBC's tape-delayed filter.
That means you may not find out what happened until the October sweeps. If you don't want to wait that long, here's all you really need to know about London 2012.
London-Everything went splendidly, except for a cabbie jumping off the Tower Bridge and into the Thames River because taxis weren't allowed to use the Olympic traffic lanes.
LeBron James-London hadn't seen a king this powerful since Henry VIII. But even LeBron had trouble getting a seat to watch Jamaica's favorite son run the 100-meter final.
Bolt-He smoked the world and anointed himself a "Living Legend." IOC isabel marant sale president Jacques Rogge disagreed, prompting Bolt to ask what more he need do? "Get Seacrest away from me and back to American Idol," Rogge said.
Seacrest-Though accused of being a sports airhead, he got the scoop of the games when Ryan Lochte tearfully confessed to him that he urinates in the pool.
Michael Phelps-Started the games swimming like Eric the Eel, finished like Flipper. If 22 medals doesn't make you a living legend, nothing does.
Gabby Douglas-Won the gymnastics all-around. More importantly, we'll be seeing her on cereal boxes until Lochte is wearing adult diapers.
Lochte-He turned out to be no Phelps. But he'll make millions off the cool rebel image he cultivated.
NBC-Caught the usual grief for being too sappy, too American-centric and mulberry tote too tape-delayed. But the ratings were boffo, which means mulberry outlet UK you'll see Seacrest.
The Royals-Who knew Queen Elizabeth could act? She's now in line to be the next Bond Girl if her day job jeremy scott adidas shoes doesn't work out.
The Royal Marines-Called in to bail out private security. Many were just back from Afghanistan. It was much easier checking handbags at the velodrome.
Saudi Arabia's hardline clerics-They're having a hard time explaining how mulberry online two women from their country participated in a sporting event and the world did not come to an end.
Badminton-Eight players were expelled for celine handbags barneys tanking matches. That could jeopardize mulberry handbag outlet the much-anticipated National Badminton League.
Stranded Americans stuck with BBC audience-I'm all for jingoism, but one announcer actually cried when a British rower lost.
Australia-Seven gold medals? Might as well change your name to mulberry outlet store Kazakhstan.
Hope Solo-Played great in the gold-medal game but adidas jeremy scott wings picked jordans for sale a silly Twitter fight with Brandi Chastain over some mildly critical TV commentary. She obviously was watching too much BBC.
Russia-Did you see those warm-ups with the red-and-white swirly patterns? Hey Moscow, Denny Terrio wants his wardrobe back.
Mitt Romney-He jeremy scott adidas triggered an international incident by saying pre-games problems were isabel marant "disconcerting." Luckily for Romney, England has zero electoral votes.
Rio de Janeiro-London's a hard act to follow, but reports are everything already is well behind schedule. But fear not, NBC doesn't plan to show the 2016 Olympics until 2017.
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