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elp him seal repression heart-worm bite, but with a 'nightmare Gui Xian' The Vaillant, only to let him Stay alive christian louboutin sale only, daily bite bitter heart, I fully understood that I'm sorry Regulus little friends, ah, think of him in the future will be 'heart-worm bite' bite heart day and night, painful death, I feel upset. "Yin Tu Sin look somewhat sadly, waved, and said:" Christian Louboutin Outlet You have to step down, and I would like a quiet person, as Christian Louboutin Outlet Men Regulus, if the Yin family met him, and if he so requires, bound to fully help him. "" Yes, sir! "This time, Yin elders promised very happy, as long as the Yin Tu cents Well, the purpose is achieved, as Regulus's life and death, they have been not very concerned, and no one Regulus said to stay, and try to find ways to go and Regulus. Perhaps Regulus very young, very bright, very qualified, some of them even try to fix Regulus with Yin Zhen Luo, so Yin would not the world a more Wizards, but when they heard Regulus is Long worm into the heart, they completely gave up the idea, because it is not worth it, not far from the dead Regulus. For Regulus, their hearts or sneer, or sympathy, or pathos, or sigh, or guilt, or does not matter ...... I saw dozens of foes back down elders Yin Yin Zhen Luo Yin Tu cents toward the line a ceremony, said: "Dad, since you already recovered, then I have to go." Yin Tu Sin frowned and said: "Where are you going?" "I'm going to look to get rid of 'heart-worm bite' of Methods. "Yin Zhen Luo unwavering, toward the hall door. "The young girl, abandon it, since that is the 'heart-worm bite' mischief, Yin did not know how much manpower and resources to find ways to get rid of, but everyone can do nothing, you are life and death several times in North York, almost fall, and now you have to go? "Yin-day mourning although unfortunately Regulus, but no reason to let his sister go to Regulus scraped. "Brother, you put let her go, I was already an adult, you want to do, I was head of decorum, you do not always as good as when I was a child?" Yin Zhen Luo Yin-day mourning for the
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