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duties of an additional 35% on Chinese-made tyres for one year, followed by tariffs of 30% and 25% in the following two years. While Washington has long accused China of trade protectionism, the US is also unhappy at the high volume of Chinese exports to America, accusing Beijing of deliberately keeping the yuan undervalued to make its exports artificially cheap. Christian Louboutin Scarpe Outlet The US trade deficit with China totalled $103bn (£63bn) Christian Louboutin Scarpe in the first half of 2009, down 13% from the same period last year.
The UK may have to cut emissions of greenhouse gases by 90% by 2050 so the aviation sector can continue to Christian Louboutin Scarpe grow. 205090%The rest of the economy may have to make space for aviation emissions That is the warning from the government's official climate advisers, the Climate Change Committee (CCC). It would mean even bigger cuts than the 80% drop on 1990 levels already planned for households and industry in Britain. But the committee also says global aviation emissions should be capped during the forthcoming Copenhagen climate talks. The committee was asked by government to advise on what should be done about emissions from aviation. In a letter to the Transport Secretary Lord Adonis and the Climate Secretary Ed Miliband, the committee says the aviation industry will have to cut emissions from planes back to their 2005 level by 2050. That is much more permissive than the overall UK target of cutting emissions 80% on 1990 levels by 2050. The failure of aviation to play its full part could mean that the rest of the economy has to reduce its emissions by 90% instead of 80%. This 90% target is so ambitious that it might be easier for some sectors to make the leap to zero carbon emissions rather than trying to whittle down pollution decade by decade. And some analysts think this might be an easier and cheaper approach than reaching a 90% cut in stages. The optionsThe committee members see alternatives. Planes, they say, might use biofuels or aviation might cut emissions below 2005 levels through new technology. Plane operators might a
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